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Terms and Conditions

Licensing Usage & Length 

Media provided by Adams Photo Video may be used for digital or print marketing for the company engaged in this contract but may not be sold or given to other individuals or companies without express written consent.

Licensing does not expire based on time.

Reserved Rights

Adams Photo Video's reserves the right to use the photos, video, and media created to market Adams Photo Video's and to license to other companies (i.e. cabinet company, faucet company, etc). If you'd prefer not to have media shared before a certain date please let Adams Photo Video know in writing and they will do their best to accommodate (May change pricing).

Payment & Credit Cards

Payment is due within 30 days of delivery of 1st draft of media. If payment is not received the licensing rights are revoked until the payment is made. Late fees of 2% per month may be assessed for late payments.

3% may be added to estimates that are paid by credit card. Electronic transfers or checks do not have added fees.


Shot List

Clients are responsible for providing a shot list in writing if they want any specific shots. Otherwise, Adams Photo Video will attempt to represent the property in the best way possible but will not be responsible for any shots that were not requested in writing.


Authority To Agree / Future Work / Download Acknowledgment 

Client acknowledges they have authority to agree on behalf of their company and usage by others in the company is bound by the same terms and conditions.

Future work together will also be bound by these licensing agreements unless otherwise noted.

Download and use of files denote acceptance of the agreement to terms and conditions.



Client may edit the provided video, photos, and media to create their own advertising materials. If tagged on Social Media and the look and feel is inconsistent with Adams Photo Video's brand they may ask not to be tagged in future posts.

Unforeseen Circumstances

If Adams Photo Video's photographer becomes ill or otherwise cannot fulfill the expectations laid forth Adams Photo Video will attempt to find a suitable replacement. In the unlikely event, they cannot find a suitable replacement or in the event, the photos are unusable for any reason the extent of the liability would be to waive the charges, and Adams Photo | Video would have no further liability.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
You don't pay until you're completely satisfied. 

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